Wigbi is a minimalistic, open source PHP/JavaScript framework that helps you create web sites. It is quick to setup, easy to learn and can be extended with plugins and your own code.

How to get started:

Get the latest release:

Download Wigbi
Includes Wigbi 1.2.0 as well as data/UI plugins
Version 1.2.0

Wigbi features:

  • AJAX pipeline
  • Application configuration
  • Cache data handling
  • Context data handling
  • CSS & JavaScript bundling
  • Data plugins
  • Database handler
  • Language support
  • Master pages
  • MVC engine
  • ORM mapper
  • PHP including
  • Session data handling
  • UI Plugins
  • URL handling
  • Validation
...and much more [show some more]
Having problems getting Wigbi to run with WampServer on Windows? Read more here.
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